Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ethereal T2

Re-blogged from  http://darling-briannaford.tumblr.com/ 

There's something surreal about this image...

Under a masterfully painted sky, filtered sunlight provides just enough brilliance to bestow an Orton-like glow on the van which occupies it's space as if hemmed in by the menacing hedge behind and the more benign growth ahead. A scrap of clothing hangs from a mirror in frozen motion suggesting a storm blowing in. The cooler and picnic blanket bide their time, yearning to fulfill their roles under sunnier skies. Idle surfboards attempt to make themselves inconspicuous as if aware that apart from the breakers, they are without purpose.  And upon closer inspection, a body "lying in state" in the top bunk.  

The driftwood barrier conveys a message: "Come no closer - there is no berth here for the cognizant.  This ephemeral stage is reserved for the dreamer".

Wish I were there...


  1. The hares may represent fertility or, since the symbol appears in a Christian church, trinity.

    That pic you shared here is just beautiful...

  2. Thanks, Dom.

    Note: The hares Dom are referring to are from a post on his excellent blog [Running To The Light]