Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Very Cool Transporter Video

The entire history of four generations of the Transporter in just over three minutes. Some great vintage video - it's in German, but you still get the idea. "Bulli" is the traditional name for the Transporter used around the world (but not so much in the US).

Apparently there's not a German translation for "Flower Power" ? (1:10).

Genießen sie dieses video!


  1. the T3 Syncro has to be my favourite...

    a friend of mine bought a T2 a few years ago but it turned out to be a repair nightmare...

    as for myself, I've driven two different T4's at work (archaeological excavation) and they were absolutely reliable and easy to clean

    I still think you made the best choice when you purchased that T3 though... it's a classic and looks much more awesome than the new ones

  2. The T3 is my favorite as a daily driver. The T1s and T2s I've owned were fun, but not so comfortable, especially on longer trips. The T4 just seems to small to me for what I want to carry around. T3 Sycnro Westy - The best of everything!! But I couldn't justify the $$ to buy and maintain.

  3. I first found out about the Syncro just as I was looking for a car to replace my first one... so I thought, well wouldn't it be awesome to buy a Syncro? but I was really surprised how much they still cost... and they're even less fuel-efficient than many 4x4's...