Thursday, March 15, 2012

Westly's Specs

Some information I've collected about Westly.
Probably more than you ever wanted to know, but here goes:

> Manufactured in Hannover, Germany March, 1982
> Camper conversion done by Westfalia-Werke in Rheda-Wiedenbr├╝ck, 
    Germany July, 1982.  It was imported to the U.S. arriving at Terminal Island,
    a facility shared by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA.

> Drivetrain configuration - rear engine, rear wheel drive (2 wheel drive)

> Engine - 1.9 liter inline four cylinder diesel   1Y - manufactured in Mexico
                 Normally aspirated (non-turbo)
                 Mechanical fuel injection
                 Bore 79.5 / Stroke 95.5 / Compression Ratio 22.5:1 
                 Horsepower 68 @ 4400 RPM / Torque 95 ft/lbs @ 2500 RPM
                 Redline 4600 RPM
                 Oil Pressure:
                 60-80 psi cold / 30 psi @ 2000 RPM, 220 deg / 5-10 psi idle, 220 deg 
   * Note:  Original engine was a 1.6 liter 48hp diesel
                The current 1.9 liter was installed 12/2002

Listen to Westly's engine purring, complete with squeaky alternator belt

> Cooling system capacity - 4.2 U.S. gallons
   Radiator core size 22.5" X 17.25" X 1.625" / Hose size 1.25"
   2-Speed electric auxiliary cooling fan behind radiator

> Fuel Type - Diesel #2 or B5, B20, B99 Biodiesel
> Fuel capacity - 15.9 U.S. gallons
> Fuel economy - Mixed city/hwy - 26mpg
                            Hwy @ 45-55mph - 30mpg
                            Hwy @ 60-65mph - 23mpg  

> Transmission - 091 DZ 
   Gear Ratios:    1st gear 3.78
                           2nd gear 2.06
                           3rd gear 1.26
                           4th gear .85
                           Reverse 3.67
                           Transaxle Final Drive 5.86

> Suspension, steering, brakes
   Independent front & rear coil spring suspension
   Rack & Pinion steering
   Power assisted brakes - 10.9 " front discs, 9.9" rear drums

> Wheels & Tires (stock size)
   Steel wheels / 14" diameter / 5.5" wide / ET35 / 5X112 bolt pattern 
   Lug nuts/bolts 14mm thread / 19mm head / 130 ft lbs torque
   Nexen 185R14C LT - Load range D / 8 ply rating 
   Capacity - Single 1875 lbs @ 65psi
   Revolutions per mile: 809
   Go Westy hubcaps (hey, they came with the wheels/tires)

> Dimensions / Weight capacity
    Length - 179.9" / 14.99'
    Width - 72.6" / 6.05'
    Height - 80.7" /  6.73' (with Westfalia Pop-Top closed)
    Ground Clearance - 7.5"
    Front/Rear Track - 61.8"
    Turning Radius - 34.5'
    GAWR Front - 2425 lbs
    GAWR Rear - 2866 lbs
    GVWR - 5292 lbs dry

>Color:  LH8B - Assuan Brown
> Interior: KW - Van Dyck (seat upholstery & curtains)

> Model Trim L includes: 
    Dual outside mirrors
    Sliding side door
    Sliding side windows
    Opening wing windows
    Tinted glass
    Rear window defroster
    Two speed / intermittent front windshield wipers
    Padded dash board
    Instrument cluster with speedometer, odometer, fuel lever, 
         water temp, analog clock
    Heater/defroster/fresh air circulation with 3-speed fan & rear outlets
    Two 12 volt outlets
    Radio with 4 speakers

> Westfalia Conversion includes:
    Front bucket seats with swivel bases, cloth/vinyl covering
    Rear bench seat folds out into bed with storage underneath
    Seat belts for four, front shoulder belts
    Hanging clothes closet with mirror inside door / rear storage compartment
    Clothes locker with three compartments
    Overhead storage compartment with useless cargo net
    Stainless steel sink / 11 gallon fresh water tank / electric pump and faucet
    Two burner propane stove with stainless with fold down splatter shield
    2 cubic foot refrigerator operates on propane, 12 volts or 110 volts
    3 gallon propane tank
    Information panel showing battery charge, fresh water level, fridge on
    110 volt duplex with 15amp circuit breaker
    12 volt overhead light
    Two stow away tables, front and rear (Westly's front table is missing)
    Curtains all around, including front windows and windshield
    Snap-in bug screen for rear hatch
    Fiberglass pop-top with canvas sides, front zipper window with bug screen
    Fold out double bed in pop-top
    Cargo carrier with tie down loops on roof

> Some modifications I've made:
    Extra gauges
    Engine block heater
    Larger oil/water heat exchanger 
    1.5 amp 3-stage on board battery charger
    Variable delay windshield wiper relay
    Valve to control heater flow
    Switch to manually engage auxiliary cooling fan
    PO added heavy duty tubular bumpers, front & rear

> Some modifications / improvements specific to the camper:
    Battery operated LED lamps
    Marine fire extinguisher
    Portable solar panel
    Added valve to fresh water tank drain cap
    Added valve and hose to sink drain
    Added T in propane line to use disposable 1 lb bottles if tank is empty
    Cover for refrigerator flue vent
    In/out wireless min/max temp gauge
    Stove/sink exhaust fan
    Plexiglas sliding window rain shield
    Rear table height extension
    Stand to use table outside - hooks into side jack point
    Replaced 110v outlet with GFCI duplex
    Waterproofed pop-top canvas
    Shadyboy awning

>  Technology
    Westly is a computer-free vehicle by birth. 
    I usually carry a cell phone, a GPS,  and a Kindle Keyboard.
>  Improvements I'd like to make in the future:
    15" wheels / tires
    New shocks & springs
    Extra battery for camping
    Solar panel to charge the extra battery
    Skylight in pop-top
    New three-window pop-top canvas
    Hella 500ff driving lights
    2" receiver on rear for bike rack
    Upgrade radio & speakers

>  Karma

    Just for the record, Westly was not named after the GoWesty mascot.  In fact, I was mortified to discover they had such a thing and that I might be accused of being so un-original as to emulate their cagey bruin.  He was in fact named after the son of a good friend of mine, but once you bestow a name you can't very well take it back.  


  1. Hello!
    Westly is very well loved I'd say! Good writing and very detailed and great ideas!
    I love your lantern holder idea, I'd like to make one for ourselves! (would you mind if we copy your idea...not to sell, but to have our own?)
    You've written a very nice blog! You've got some great ideas!
    Cheri & Trevor

  2. Absolutely - make a lantern holder! None of these ideas is my own, I'm just passing along what I've seen and tried and found to be helpful.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


  3. Enjoying your blog and your modifications!

    We have had our '82 Assuan brown diesel Westy since 2007 and have enjoyed it immensely. Upgraded from the 1.6 to an AAZ 1.9. Added an AAP 5 speed although it didn't do much for fuel economy (easier cruising though). Added 15" wheels (cut the centers out of Eurovan wheels - just need spacers on the fronts). Concocted my own faux So. African grill (mid-80's Mercedes diesel headlight buckets).



  4. Enjoying your blog!

    We have had our own '82 Assuan Brown diesel Westy since 2007 and have enjoyed it immensely. I have swapped out the original 1.6 for a 1.9T AAZ, added an AAP 5 speed transmission, 15" Eurovan wheels (cut out the centers with a hole saw - just add spacers to the fronts) and faux So. African grill made with a later style grill and mid-80's Mercedes diesel headlight buckets.



    1. Hey Erik - I like what you've done! You sound much more comfortable with the major mechanical stuff than I am. I'm sure the AAZ and 5 speed combined with the 15" wheels has made it much more drivable. I'm jealous =) Send pics! Thanks for reading and commenting.