Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bus Art

Yes, it's graffiti, defacement, vandalism, etc. and I don't necessarily endorse these actions.  It can be plain ugly, rude, crude, unimaginative and out of place.  Recently, on a several hour hike in a remote area, we were dismayed to find some moron had spray painted their name over ancient Native American petroglyphs.

However, just as petroglyphs themselves could be considered graffiti, they were also a way of preserving history and communicating information, attitudes and ideas. Some aspects of human nature seem to have remained fairly constant over the past few millenia. Whether it's aesthetically pleasing or an eye-sore, graffiti is a form of art that has been going on for thousands of years, and art is essential to the human experience for a variety of reasons.

Public transportation tends to collect a lot of graffiti.  Here are some examples I've seen recently on and around buses:

True, that
Any idea about just what Rudy did?
Wisdom in the drivers"comfort station" at a transit center
Sometimes riders look like this...
I prefer them like this
Seattle's downtown Ride Free area is going away next Fall
Call to action
Not recommended in all situations
Will you do it?
Somebody at Burien transit center cares...
Click on picture to enlarge - they were all different
I took one

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